My Unspoken Spoken Word

Well, I started writing this a few months ago, and quite honestly forgot about it until today. I finished it, maybe? Is art ever truly finished? It doesn’t rhyme, so sorry about that.  Theology goobs, you’ll like this. 🙂

Please, Stott. I just Kant, Immanuel.

Theology so cracked out it makes me want to Barth, Karl.

Coming from every direction, false hopes being spread like butter on bread to people searching for affection. Searching for truth. But deceit and lies flowing from the lips of Lex, Luther.

Shaking inside, knowing Christ’s love for all, makes me want to look in the face of deceit and scream, “Berkhoff Satan.”

We need restoration and redemption I Begg, a Resurgence if you will, from top to bottom, Spurgeon all these false hopes, dreams and uncertainties of  who we are meant to live for. And just…. Just give them Jesus.

Let’s pull a Studd and run from the Bell to run a rescue mission as close to hell as we’ll ever get, Christian.

Gather the saints, elevate the truth that God is Here and Now and Jesus is Lord. He is the way, the truth and the life. He made us, formed us to be like him and to know him. When he looks at us, I imagine him to say, “I Grudem.”

And Calvary, a joy so full in such a sorrowful day. When Jesus died for me (and you) so that we can know Him.

This ain’t no Calvin and Hodge comic strip. The urgency is real. If eternal life is found in Christ, and there are one billion people having yet to hear the name of Jesus let alone the hope He offers, what are we doing?

Get in the Carson, take the Ottobahn, put the pedal to the metal and spread the gospel to all the nations so that one day people from every tribe, tongue and nation can…

Gather the Piper and sing praises to His holy name and be Soren on wings like eagles. Sproul‘d out, arms high in abandonment to the one true King, the Lord of Lords who forever reigns, Jesus Christ.


SkyBridge Blog: 7 Tips to Prepare for Purposeful Living Overseas

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Mary Lou

I need You, I want You, I choose You

As we are preparing to depart for our mid-year conference in Europe, my heart is heavy. We’ve never left Senegal before. We’ve never not seen our friends here. What’s it going to be like when we for certain leave in July?

Yesterday Katie and I met with a sweet friend, DiaDia. We have shared the message of hope and love with her numerous times before. But yesterday was different. I know that I am not guaranteed another day in Senegal let alone this world. The sense of urgency was there to tell DiaDia that Jesus is God, He died for our sins, He is the ultimate sacrifice and we must turn to Him in repentance and receive Him as our Savior and Lord to become children of God. My heart longs to see sweet DiaDia come to know the God of the universe.

My heart broke when she walked away still not having received Jesus as her savior. My heart broke when she cried because we were leaving for two weeks. My heart breaks knowing that in a few short months, I might be saying goodbye to DiaDia forever. I trust God with her, but my heart breaks that she is in bondage of self-works and striving for the acceptance of God when it is so freely given.

I am comforted by God’s immense love for me and all the people He is calling to himself. I am thankful that God has promised me an eternity with Him because of what Jesus did, not anything that I can do.

Please, continue praying for Senegal during this election period. Please be praying the Gospel would go forth and for our sweet friends like DiaDia to come to know the amazing grace He has lavished upon us.