Some Things I’m Learning: Detroit, Round 2

I’m on a journey to be considered a local somewhere, so why not Detroit? If you’re new to Michigan or Detroit, these might be weird things you notice too.

  1. Northerners and they way they say “Miracles”… YALL. They say it so wrong. Every person I’ve heard say it… It’s not right.
  2. Don’t try to tell anyone that anything is on “LaFayette” street. I could say they are pronouncing it wrong, but I think I may be saying it wrong… I blame the West Tennessee side of me.
  3. Detroit is oddly gloomy, mysterious and beautiful.. all at the same time. DET pulls at every emotion I have-joy, sorrow, hope- yet it’s cool. The hustle is for sure here and hope that meets people in their deepest need.
  4. I used to think people were “cold” in their personality. I think they’re just cold physically, so get inside and talk to people. They are much more friendly when they are warm. Don’t try to talk to strangers on the street; they don’t like that so much. This is where southern culture clashes… I promise I’m not thirsty and hitting on you. Just trying to be a human with you.
  5.  Pot holes for days… BUT, people are great! I’ve seen so many videos about people repairing the pot holes in their neighborhood. I like the ownership people feel over this city.
  6. Speaking of Pot… it’s SO bizarre how many medicinal marijuana places there are in my neighborhood. I couldn’t figure out if we were living in the MJ epicenter or we had a skunk problem. Turns out, both. LINK TO MY NEIGHBOR WHO BURNED HIS HOUSE DOWN TRYING TO GET SKUNKS OUT OF HIS BASEMENT THIS WEEK. True story…
  7. “Paczki Day” is a big deal here, and no it’s not pronounced anything like how it’s spelled. Poonch-key. That’s how they pronounce it. It’s a lot like their pronunciation of “Miracles…” way off. From what I understand, it’s like a donut? Similar to kings cake tradition but polish… and 1000 calories. And you eat like 3. 🙂 Yum.
  8. Snow days are rare, but they are a thing and that’s so fun. I have yet to go sledding, skiing, or snowboarding (like ever) so next year maybe I’ll really learn some stuff. 🙂
  9. Speaking of snow, I have an SUV and it’s SUPER fun in a parking lot with ice and snow. 10/10 recommend playing in the snow in your heated car. 10/10 don’t recommend trying to get out of an alley in 2.5 feet of un-shoveled snow. You will get stuck and your southern heart will have NO IDEA what to do.
  10.  Motor City Soul Food has HANDS DOWN the best food in Detroit.
  11. Michigan lefts are still so dumb. I just don’t understand the intersections here… Jesus take the wheel!

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