Celebrating 5 Couples That Weren’t Couples That Should Have Been Couples

We have all been there. Strung along in movie, television drama or real life celebrities, we get caught in the tension of, “Do they love each other? Are they going to end up together?” This drama, man. I love it and hate it.

It fits perfectly with my day-dreaming kind of mind to think of the what-ifs, so in lieu of Valentines Day (one of my favorite holidays because LOVE + CANDY + CHOCOLATE), here is a list of 5 couples + 1 SPOILER couple that never were couples but in my honest opinion would be PERFECT together. Enjoy!

  1. Kimmy Schmidt and Titus Andromedon. 


I know, there is one major conflict here- SHE LIVED IN A BUNKER. 😉 [ just kidding obviously]. But, they are just so fun together. I want them to be on a show together forever. I heart Titus and Kimmy. I would hang out with them on the regular.

  2. Benson and Stabler. 


You cannot tell me these two aren’t the CUTEST. After 20 years of working together on the force, they are just the best ever. I’m so sad she never married him.

3. Joel Osteen and Oprah Winfrey


Leaving room for the Holy Spirit, I see. I mean, their theology about lines up, so match made in heretic heaven?

4. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet


I honestly don’t know who’s the bigger catch here. They’re both pretty amazing. But I agree with Keke Palmer on MOST things, so watch my sentiments…

5. Penelope and Derek from Criminal Minds?


Okay, actually, this a quasi count. I would be super annoyed if someone called me “Baby Girl” and was super affectionate and affirming with NO commitment. Talk about blurred lines. Part of me votes, “JUST BE TOGETHER” and then there’s part of me that is so annoyed by this relationship. Crap or get off the pot…?







Are you sure you’re in?

REALLY sure?

just in case….


BUT HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME?! LaLa Land, I hated you.


Obviously, Ryan Gosling belongs with everyone. When he is in, he is 1000% in. And it is just so stinkin’ beautiful.



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