Farmer’s Market Adventures, Part 2

IMG_5564I mentioned a few posts ago about my first time at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market with my staff friend Madi… and finding that delicious croissant au chocolat that was better than any I had ever eaten in French Colonized Senegal. [Seriously, yum.] Well, ROFMA part two came this spring season with another staff friend (and roommate) Ashley!

A few things I’ve learned about Ashley this year: she loves plants. She loves her garden. And she’s really good at tending to both and keeping them both alive. This past Saturday, Ashley planned  to venture over to the ROFM to get some new plants for her garden. Seeing this as an opportunity to look at pretty flowers and CHOCOLATE… I tagged along. While she was looking through the Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard section, my heart was pining for handmade soap and yet again, chocolate.


I kind of was in a chocolate daze when Ashley told me, “Dan and the girls are here!” I turn to notice, my boss, Dan with his three girls. They were picking up some vegetables to grow too and Avery, Dan’s oldest, shows me her little lavender plant she got. And then it clicked, “AVERY IS A GENIUS.” I buy Lavender Essential Oils to help me sleep, why not just get a lavender plant!? “Oh, wow, it’s only $2. This is amazing! What else is there?”

…and so the rock started rolling from the top of the hill and boy did it pick up momentum…

In less than three minutes I decided that I wanted to grow Eucalyptus, Lavender, Spearmint, Corn and Watermelon. $10 later, I have way more responsibility than I hoped for. Now, listen… I’m not a plant person. I don’t even really love flowers. I bought a plant from Ikea earlier this year and killed 85% of it because I accidentally watered it with Sprite. So, I’m not too hopeful with this newfound hobby, but if by the end of the summer more than 85% of the plants are still living, I’ll call it a success.

Stay tuned to see how my little babes are doing!


Not pictured, the planted watermelon and corn. I’ll have to show you my spot for the planted things when they look like actual things.



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