Some Things I’m Learning


  1. Michigan lefts are kind of dumb.
  2. Dutch Girl Donuts are my second favorite donuts in all of the world.
  3. Detroit is the best city on the earth… okay. Maybe the best city North of Chattanooga, East of the Mississippi and West of DC. 🙂
  4. God has the CRAZIEST things planned.
  5. College students are hilarious. Freshmen are sometimes awkward, but mostly fun.
  6. You’re only as Spirit-filled as you want to be.
  7. Coneys are not my jam.
  8. There’s something sweet about the brokenness of Detroit and the hope in Christ for renewal of all people in the D.
  9. Always drop a pin where you park your car otherwise you’ll lose it for a while…
  10. Apparently, no one knows who Ben Rector is.
  11. How to walk out of (and hold onto) the deep conviction that there is no evil intention in God’s heart and He is totally good
  12. Apparently, the blinking red in a turn lane is like a stop sign? Still not sure about that one…
  13. Budgeting.
  14. Fall actually starts feeling like fall on the first day of fall. Who’duh thunk it?
  15. Bless their hearts and their Michigander attempts at BBQ.

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