In Which I Was A Nomad

Wow! Y’all, this season of life is hot, hectic and even when I’m sitting still it feels as though I’m on a moving walk way. 3097 miles, 10 states, 5 time zones, 3 countries and 8 flights in three and a half months will do that to you.


Sometimes, okay oftentimes, I wish I was a princess and could just snap my fingers to make this move and transition easier. I would have all my belongings that majorly outweigh the space allotted inside my 2001 Honda Accord arrive safely to Detroit. I’d make finding a place to rent less of a complicated matter (really, you need my credit score? Invasive.). But hashtag ADULT LIFE, if Kate Middleton can’t even get a princess title and she’s married to a real life prince, then I suppose the commoner road is the one I must travel. [Sidenote: it is unjust, Kate. I support you.]

So, that’s enough real talk of my exhaustion and subtle frustration over the fact that I have many things when I need little and have little when I need many… Let’s talk about MY EXCITEMENT.

MemphisRenting: PROS: I get to stay somewhere for one year. Not one, 10 month STINT year that goes between countries, one full 12 month year. Praise Jesus! And, if me and my roommates like the living situation we can live there longer. Ministry partner development is amazingly good for my heart and my growth in the Lord, but a year of travel from location to location pursuing people constantly (without being deeply rooted somewhere) is exhausting. I am excited to have roommates, find a church community, get to know my team, and start adult life in America.


Detroit: PROS: I LOVE DETROIT. I don’t know why. I can’t wait to start exploring and trying new foods, winter sports, and living in a big city with not as much traffic. I am excited for metro living. Call me big city. Just kidding, don’t do that.

Ministry: Our staff conference was good for my heart. It was good for my prayer life. It was good to be around people who are on the same mission and feel the freedom to dream with one another about what God could do in us, through us and among the nations. I love those people that you can talk about the realities of where things are, celebrate what God has done, and talk about improvements/faith steps that can be taken. It gives no room for complacency and ignites a fire that community gets to fan. It almost feels like a locker room rally. I don’t sport, so I am not positive that it’s like that, but thats how I feel so we’ll go with it.

I’m excited to walk with Jesus and see Him grow me, stretch me, and use me. I’m excited to be on a team of people who are so wonderful. I’m excited to serve them and learn from them as we co-labor alongside of each other for Detroit and for the nations.

Here’s to a safe 712 miles to Detroit that begin tomorrow. And to new beginnings letting my roots grow deep in a city that God loves immensely.

Thanks for riding this ride with me.

Sincerely, your American turned African turned Detroit-ian Princess



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