Freestyle Freelancer

I don’t know how to say this properly so I am just going to spout it out. I’m working three jobs, y’all. How I went from no job to three utterly dumbfounds me, but it’s the truth. Scouts honor.

I am on this Freelance website where you can post your resumé, links to your work, bio, etc and then apply for jobs that have been posted on the site. I have applied for a few gigs, received VERY strange invites to interview, and a few keepers.

I mostly write content for organizations, companies and ministries. Can I tell you how life giving it is to do enjoyable things after a long day of getting yelled at in Quebecois because an appliance is broken? I do. I really love it… the whole writing thing. Canada can keep their “lors” and “blondes.”

I just got done working on some content for the homepage of a website called SnowGraffiti. It’s based out of Australia. It is pretty unique and awesome. You should check it out and buy a snowflake pancake maker. That’s right. A SNOWFLAKE PANCAKE MAKER. Need I say more?

 And if you’re planning a destination wedding, you need to look into NSW. After writing the content for SnowGraffiti, I’m convinced a destination wedding in Australia is within budget and ideal. 



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