Rivers of Grace


I have a picture, of a river.  So there’s this river of promises, and the water that’s flowing to me with such power is the grace of God.  It’s coming from the future, flowing in my life.  It falls over the waterfall of the present into a reservoir called past grace.  Therefore, the past grace reservoir is getting bigger each day.  It’s getting bigger every minute which means you’ve got more to thank God for every minute of your life than you did the minute before because the right response of the heart toward past grace is thankfulness and the right response toward future grace is faith.  This is really fundamental and so simple; I mean this is not complicated.  As grace is coming to you by promises from the future, what should you do with that?

Trust them!  Trust it!  It’s gonna come!  He’s gonna help you.  Believe me, he’s saying, “Believe me! Trust me every hour of your life!”  He’s saying, “Trust me; I will help you! I will strengthen you! I’ll hold you up. I’ve got an avalanche of promises for you! Trust me!”… and as those promises turn resolves into work and flow into the history of your life and the history of the church, you look back with an ever-increasing sense of ‘You are amazing!  I’m so thankful for 33 years of faithfulness at this church!’  Amazing if you knew how many sins are in my life.  I mean how many people I can offend in a moment?  How did I survive 33 years?  GRACE.  Total grace.

So the reservoir keeps getting bigger, and bigger and bigger.  This is inexhaustible, this fountain.  This spring where the river of grace flows to us from the future will never ever run dry because Jesus bought infinite grace for us.”- John Piper, Living By Faith In Future Grace


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