And Then There Were Hobbies…

As my time in Africa is coming to an end, I am often answering the age-old question, “What’s next?” After about 253 “change of plans” and slight freak out moments that have aided in my hair falling out in mass quantities… I’ve decided hobbies is the answer to my all of my life’s problems.

Katie seems to think otherwise. Katie is my sweet Team Leader and ex-ministry partner from last year’s STINT. Oh Kaite, how you can discern my motivations for every single decision I make! We were sitting down about a week ago and I said, “Pottery. That’s what I want to do. I want to make bowls.”

Can we just rewind for a second? I’m terrible at crafts. I once had a conversation that ended with being encouraged to do crafts while being humble enough to not be offended that they would have to be re-done. Now that I think about it, this conversation may or may not have happened multiple times with various people… Anyways, I want to make a ceramic bowl.

After I temporarily talked myself out of that one due to the lack of available classes in Chattanooga [I want that bowl], I moved on to a First Aid and Safety course. Hey, you never know when you’ll have to do CPR…

And then it went to guitar lessons, and then it changed to a French course in Charlotte, North Carolina because that’s what Katie might do. Then it turned into looking at discount tents so that I could become an avid backpacker and camper [yeah, “camper” that gives away how many times I’ve actually been camping]. Then it turned to road-tripping across America all the way to visit her sister in Oregon. And joining a bicycling club for trail riding [again, bicycling club? I don’t know how to ride a bike…]. Then it turned into HTML programming, which I actually am skilled at thank you very much! …and now?

I want to be a mom… of puppies… of two Shitzu Poodles to be exact.


My friend Christa posted on FB [reason number 343,453 of why FB is not good for me] that she needs to “less la parole” with her two seven-pound animals of joy! So of course, I thought, “THIS IS THE HOBBY I NEED! I always wanted a Sha-Doodle!” And without thinking, I quickly offered to become a mom. “I’m all in!” <end direct quote>

This might be something that’s not as easy to quit as a sign-language course at Chattanooga State. But I am thinking about those days when I’ll miss the African sun on my face. When I’ll miss my sweet roommates and the community life on STINT brings. I’m thinking about those mornings when staying in bed may be easier than going out and re-building community with people who have no comprehension of what life is like for the majority of the world or even who I am anymore.

And so I think, there’s a few things that haven’t changed about me. I need that extra push sometimes. And… I would hate to clean up dog mess off my floor. I would have to get up and take a dog out for a walk. A dog is a great answer!

Alas, I may not be taking Christa’s dog in because she wants to keep her pups together (aheeemmm anyone interested in two beautiful pups), but I have dug my figurative heels in on this one [figurative because, c’mon who wears heels here???… Okay, I only have ONE pair here]. A puppy is totally the answer. And we shall name him…

Well, I guess we gotta wait on that one.


One thought on “And Then There Were Hobbies…

  1. Mary. The only hobby you need is to be my best friend. I will then tell you step-by-step all the details of the wedding so you can pretend you were in it. Then we’ll get our nails done. Then we’ll make cupcakes. I mean really, it’s the only hobby you need.

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