Intern/STINT Training :)

This weekend is the Intern/STINT training in North Carolina. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get away from school for a little bit, learn a ton of new things about support raising, and spend the weekend with people who, like me, are just starting out in the Cru world. It’ll be intense and full of learning, but I’m excited to officially start my job training!

I was looking on the Cru website today at their different ministries, and there are SO many. Global Aid Network, StoryRunners, CrossRoads, The Jesus Film Project, all of these amazing ministries are a branch of Campus Crusade. I am getting so excited to be a part of such a diverse movement that seeks to build His Kingdom in so many ways. It’s awesome. Check these pages out to learn more info about what they do.

On a drearier note, I’m feeling slightly drained today. I’m tired and am not wanting to do school anymore. I am almost finished, but this 15 page paper is driving me crazy. I can’t seem to get everything organized. There’s too much to say! ha. Every time I talk with someone about Muslims in the Media, they give me some great ideas for my paper. I just don’t know where to start. Anyways, be praying I get the majority of this paper done tonight and tomorrow.

Positive: I’m no longer an intern at J103 because I’ve completed all my internship hours!! YAY!  That’s one accomplishment that I’m VERY proud of 🙂 No need to give me a pat on the back; I’m doing it for you! ;0)

Anyways, now that I’ve completed all of my pre-training stuff (sort of), I’m going to go finish my french homework for Friday, Monday, and Wednesday! I have to miss class on Friday because of training and I will not have anytime to do homework this weekend. My paper and class presentation are both due Tuesday. I’m going to assume that on Tuesday, after everything is said and done, I’ll be going to bed early and won’t be able to do french work. <Logical. Winning!


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