STINT-North Africa Region

Well, I got an e-mail last night from the lady who is reviewing my application. She said it’ll be about two more weeks until she can finish processing it. So, I am afraid to tell you I won’t know if I got accepted until about February 25th. If you could, please be praying for wisdom, discernment, confirmation, and whatever else you can think of for me! 🙂

I’m in a weird place with this whole STINT thing. To be honest, I can’t see myself anywhere else in August. I don’t want to move to Nashville, at least not right now. I’m not dating anyone, so there’s no future in that! 😉 And I don’t necessarily want to stay in Chattanooga. So, I’ve been really excited about STINT. But, at the same time I’ve been trying to not get too excited because it’s not guaranteed that I’m going. I haven’t been accepted yet. So, all this to say I’m having a hard time discerning if it is the Lord’s will and timing for me to go.

I am constantly praying that He will close this door for me if it isn’t His will. I’m having such a hard time surrendering this. I just want to trust that when He speaks, I will listen. And I’m so my will minded, that I often don’t listen when He does speak. Anyways, I’m wrestling with this right now, when I need to just give it to God and let Him open and close doors.

Here’s some interesting things that’s been happening. I was talking to my friend Bekah on Monday about how I have been so nervous and anxious to hear back from the STINT lady. And I was just asking for her to pray for me. The very next day I get an e-mail from the lady saying she hasn’t forgotten about me, and she’ll finish reviewing my application within two weeks. How awesome!

And then, I had to miss Bible study last night because I was NOT prepared for my french test at all. So I stayed home to study. I went to my test this morning (feeling not so confident) and sat down. I looked over the test, “blah blah blah adverbs, comparatives, SENEGAL?!” Yes ladies and gents, Senegal was on my test. In our comparative section it said (in french) “Senegal has the most beautiful beaches in the world.” or something like that. 🙂

So, I’m not wanting to see this as a Duh-God-is-obviously-confirming-this-just-open-your-eyes! type of a thing just yet. I’m being attempting to be patient and trusting that whatever His will is, He’ll make it happen. So, we’ll see.

Anyways, my last awesome thing for today is this a snippet from my devotional by Chris Tiegreen. Here it goes…

“He reveals deep hidden things.” Daniel 2:22

“Sometimes we think God has given us a bare minimum of information. We want to know all the answers to all of our deep questions, but because wise philosophers struggle with the meaning of life as much as we do, we assume that we are confined in ignorance for the length of our lives…. God does not leave us in darkness; He makes that very clear. He spoke light into our world on page one of the Old Testament, and He sent the Light of the World to us on page one of the New. The mysteries of life-and today’s guidance-are revealed in Him…. The mind of Christ takes a while to grow in us, and it has radical implications. We just want a little direction today. God usually doesn’t work that way. He offers us deep and hidden things, but to find them we must have a deep and hidden relationship with Him-deep in faith and hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:3)…. Visions of truth come to those who will follow it.”


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