Freedom in Christ

Good news: Today was my first full day of feeling back to normal! Chicka-what! Praise the Lord for deliverance! Thank you Lord for that! I can’t describe to you how much better my day was than yesterday (and the many days before that). Such a blessing!

Well, I think one thing God has shown me today was how controlling I am. Yesterday, I mentioned to my bible study leader that this summer I was so confident in my ability to do overseas missions. And yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too confident in myself. She agreed with me. I think she’d rather see me do a stateside internship. Today I was looking at the application for Campus Crusade‘s STINT program. STINT is a Short Term International Internship. I had to have four references, one of which had to be my current bible study leader. My initial thought was, “Crap! I can’t put A.L. down! She won’t support me going.” This was me controlling the situation. This was me saying, “God, I know you’re calling me to Africa, but I need to try to control this area of the application so I’ll get accepted.” Wrong. If God wants me to go, He’ll make it happen. If I don’t get accepted, it wasn’t His will for me to go. I can rest assuredly knowing My God is bigger; my God is in control.

Chris Tiegreen has an amazing passage in his devotional. It says

“He is the Master of our circumstances; there is no need for our guile. The opportunities He wants us to have will be opened before us. The people He wants us to know will come into our path. No manipulation is necessary-or even welcome. All that He requires from us is our willing obedience to His plan.”

I am finding that I frequently put on the yoke of slavery that Paul warns us about in Galatians 5:1 “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” The cool thing about this verse is that Paul says, “… do not submit..” This implies that we have the active choice. Christ has set us free, for freedom. We are free. We, as free people (consciously or subconsciously) put ourselves under the yoke of slavery. That is not from God. Me trying to control everything is slavery to my own limitations. I cannot, but He who is in me can!


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