:) Oops again.

I forgot to blog yesterday. I can’t blame it on being busy because I wasn’t all that busy yesterday. Anyways, sorry. I’m certain it’ll happen again so I can’t say it won’t. All I can say is sorry! 🙂 Consistency is key, too bad I’m not a very consistent person. ha.

Well, I have good news! I feel much better than my last post! If you said a little prayer for me, thank you! It worked. I’ve been in the word and prayer more consistently (I told you, I struggle with consistency!). It’s made a HUGE difference. The Lord has given me confirmation that where I am is where He wants me. He’s blessed me with AMAZING roommates. I can’t imagine not living with Maury and Aimee. We’re so painfully real with one another, it’s beautiful. And the great thing is that these two women are the most accepting, spirit filled and loving people I’ve ever met. Gosh, it’s wonderful. I have a Paul and a Timothy living with me!

Today my devotional (not Tiegreen’s) was over Psalm 49. It’s basically about how worldliness doesn’t even compare to what God has in store for us. I wasn’t really feeling that this was what I needed to hear today, BUT as soon as I open up Tiegreen’s devotional it is over what? Psalm 49. That made my heart happy. It’s small coincidences like Psalm 49 times dos that gives me hope that I am where I’m supposed to be. B-E-A-UTIFUL.

Speaking of hope, I have to write a blog for my comm. class on the reasons why I have hope. I’m so excited to insert scripture in there and write about my hope in God. 🙂 I’ll send you guys a link when I’m done.

Anywho, I’m going to go do some work and sleep! 🙂

I love you faithful readers! Thanks for being amazing!


ps- Aimee and I (and a ton of other people) are thinking about buying a couple of acres of land and having a farm. It’s random I know. After I lost my house key, Aimee made me a new one. And this is the pattern she picked out. It’s our HomeStead theme. haha.

homestead key

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